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CU Link is all about connecting you with the perfect credit union in Michigan.

The Credit Union Difference

Credit unions are member-owned, not-for-profit and cooperative financial institutions. That means you actually own your money and have a say in what happens with it. A volunteer board of directors, elected by the members, oversees the credit union’s strategy guided by its members’ needs.

We all make our way through step at a time. It’s part of growing up.

From our first little step across the kitchen floor—and into dad’s arms, to climbing behind the wheel for your first driving lesson. Then we step over the threshold into marriage. Next comes a family, a new home, and...retirement.

Moreover, it all seems to happen in a blink of an eye. But there’s another step we can take—with certainty. A step to taking true ownership of your future and we’ll be there to help. 


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